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Final Expense Insurance For Peace of Mind in Difficult Times

If you are shopping for a Final Expense policy to cover the costs associated with a funeral, please allow us to help you. We represent the top insurance companies that specialize in this field. We approve you with no money down! The entire process only takes a few minutes.

There are no medical exams, and no doctor records required to get approved. We ask a few medical questions and then search for the lowest prices based on your age and health. This search takes 60 seconds and allows us to find something comfortable for your budget. Our carrier partners allow us to offer you the quickest approval process in the industry. We approve you for coverage over the phone in minutes. Once you are approved, you will receive your policy one week later.

Many people that apply for Final Expense Insurance are retired and are on a fixed budget. We realize this and don’t require you to make your initial payment until 30 days after you are approved for coverage. To find out more about how we can help you find the right Final Expense Insurance policy, call the team at TopLine today.

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The insurance quotes/rates displayed on our website are general estimates based on an assumption of acceptable health. To receive an exact price quote which is based on your age and your individual medical history please contact us.
Want to learn more about Final Expense Insurance?
What can final expense pay for?

This policy can cover the costs of a burial or cremation along with medical expenses and outstanding debt. Some people use these policies to leave money to their grandchildren if their burial is paid off.

Is it easy to qualify for FE?

Final expense policies have less health qualifications than term policies which allow insurance companies to approve more people. They are designed for people with health issues because the average age of the consumer is older.

How does the application process work?

The entire application can be completed in under 20 minutes. An agent and their client will fill out a short application and complete a phone interview which will allow the insurance company to give the client a decision directly over the phone. The policy will start when the client makes their first premium payment.

Who should buy a Final Expense policy?

Most people who purchase these policies are between 50 and 75 years old. They currently have a few minor health issues or a major health issue in their past which declines them from most term life policies.

What are the benefits of final expense?

These policies are very straightforward and easy to understand. The premiums and life insurance amounts are locked in forever, and the policy can never be canceled if the premiums are continually paid.

Your Family is Our Focus

We are a fully transparent agency, there are no secrets or surprises. We allow consumers to see the companies we represent and allow them to quote prices before they contact us. We want them to know which company offers the lowest prices as opposed to us telling them. Once a program is selected by the consumer or suggested by TopLine, our clients are amazed at the speed in which they are approved for coverage. We have a family mentality that is productive and fun. Our office has almost no turnover, which means you get to know us very well. We are an insurance family, and we treat our clients as an extension of our family, without them, there is no TopLine Insurance.

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At TopLine, we partner with some of the most reputable life insurance companies in the country. We can help you compare quotes and find the best deal.

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Our life insurance brokers are experienced and passionate about finding the best policies for our clients. If you are unsure about your options or have any questions, they are happy to help.

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Don’t worry about medical exams or your financial situation. With TopLine, you can get approved for a life insurance policy instantly.

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They said the application process would be fast. I was thinking I would be approved in a few weeks but somehow, they made sure we got approved the same day. Tracy made the approval process simple and walked me through everything.

- Tanya F.
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