Guaranteed Issue Insurance

Life Insurance Policies with No Health Qualifications

Guaranteed issue life insurance, or guaranteed acceptance is a life insurance policy with no health qualifications. Policies focus on seniors with serious health issues. All people between 50 and 85 years old who apply for guaranteed issue life insurance are approved.

These policies generally have higher premiums because the insureds are older and have health issues. This means payouts and death benefits end up being lower. Despite these factors, it is still a valuable policy to have for those who can't otherwise get insurance, ensuring they are able to leave something behind to their family.

Insurance companies can offer these policies because they charge higher premiums and a graded death benefit. The premiums act the same as final expense or whole life insurance - they will never change. The graded death benefit means there are restrictions during the first two years towards the payout of the benefit to the insured’s beneficiary.

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Who should buy this policy?

This policy was created for the client who has no other option and needs to have life insurance. They have no other option because of their health condition. Clients will apply because they currently have cancer, HIV/ AIDS, Congestive heart failure -or any other major health issue that precluded them from other term or final expense insurance.

What is important to know about GI policies?

These policies have high premiums and age minimums (45 or 50) to apply. There is a waiting period to receive the entire death benefit if the insured dies naturally, but the full benefit is paid if death is accidental.

How do I apply?

The application process is simple and requires under ten minutes for approval. General information is collected, and an email is sent to the client for an e-signature. Once that has been completed, the client is done, and coverage will start when payment is made.

How many companies offer guarantee issue?

There are a lot of companies that have this product in their portfolio, but you need to find the company that truly asks no health questions and has reasonable prices.

When does coverage start?

These policies have a limited payout in the first two years if the insured passes away dues to natural causes. If the cause of death is an accident, there is no limited payout, and the full benefit will be sent to the beneficiary.

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